Me Corrected 230x230My name is Bill Brine, and I am the owner and founder of BrinCom Internet Business Services.  After 21+ years in the high tech industry, I was, as they say, “affected by the downturn in the industry” back in 2001.

I took this as an opportunity to go out on my own, and started my little business by learning how to use the internet as a marketing tool.  Having worked as a helpline consultant for most of my career, I am a generalist and am familiar with most aspects of computer usage, internet usage, hardware and software setup, and programming in various languages.  My time on the helpline has blessed me with great patience and a drive to help those people who are sometimes befuddled by high tech, or are just learning.

I have also been involved in Multi-Level Marketing, and Network Marketing for over 10 years, so I know what it takes to build and motivate a lucrative organization of affiliates and business associates.

When you engage my services, you can be assured I will work with you, in terms you can understand, to make you successful.  I will do what it takes to help you, since I build my success on helping others to succeed.  And hopefully, we will have some fun along the way!

I believe in integrity and honesty, and I will honor all commitments that I make. You can rest assured, if you do business with me, that you will not be scammed or ripped off.

I look forward to meeting you and to doing business with you.  I hope you enjoy your stay at my site!


Best Regards,

Bill Brine

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