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Cabinet_AsileOne of the most important tasks that many website owners neglect is backing up their website regularly.  There is nothing worse than waking up some morning and finding that your website has been hacked and you have no easy way to restore it.

If you run a WordPress site, you should also be backing it up before doing any major updates, such as updating the version of WordPress or installing new plugins.

Most hosting providers provide a backup of your hosting account on a regular basis, usually once a week or so.  If you want to trigger them manually, it is a manual process.  And to get a restore usually requires a call to their support line.

With a normal website, it is usually OK to go back a few days if you have to do a restore.  But for a website which uses a database, such as WordPress or any other site that stores data in a database, you need to be able to restore it at least to what it was yesterday.  So unless you set up a manual process, you don’t have any protection.

I searched for a few years to a solution for this problem after having one of my websites hacked.  My research turned up this great service:  MyRepono.

MyRepono allows you to set up automated backups of any website.  You can control the frequency of the backups, how many past backups are stored in their system, and you can trigger manual backups or restores right from your account.

As an added measure of protection, the backups are encrypted and stored on their servers, not on your hosting account.  Redundancy is always important when backing up.  You don’t want your backups to be stored in the same place as the live site.

With MyRepono, you ‘top up’ your account with money every once in a while.  They deduct the monthly charges for backing up and storing your sites on a monthly basis.  And the backup prices are very reasonable – for some of my WordPress sites, for example, I take a daily backup and store the last 3 versions.  All of this costs about 54 cents per month for one site!  So every 6 months or so I have to top up my account with $10 and then I’m good to go.

The restore process works very well, I’ve had to use it a couple of times for client accounts.

I highly recommend MyRepono.  Click Here to see what it’s all about.  They will give you an account with $5 in it to get you started.

Yes, that is an affiliate link!  I will get a commission.  Once you sign up, Contact Me and I’ll be happy to help you integrate MyRepono into your website or websites.

Try MyRepono today!

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