Website Moving and Copying

In the history of your website, there will most likely come a day when you will need to move that website to a new hosting account.

Or perhaps you have created a website that you really like, and wish to use that same design for other websites that you want to create.  So you need to create one or more copies on one or more hosting accounts.  I call this ‘cloning’.

With simple websites, this process is straightforward.  But for WordPress sites, or indeed any site where there is a database involved (WordPress uses a database to store pages and posts and just about everything else that the website uses), the process is much more complex. If you don’t get it right you can run into some serious issues while trying to get it to work again.

I have done this for clients many times, and consider myself somewhat of an expert in getting it done correctly.  I am experienced in moving HTML websites, WordPress websites, and sites created with Joomla. There are many other ways to create a website out there. If you’re not sure, just contact me below and I’ll take a look and see if I can help.

Because there are so many differences between hosting accounts and websites, for this service I charge a flat fee of $50 (CAD) per site or copy.  As usual, applicable GST/HST will be added for Canadians. I will also expect half payment up front and the rest when the process is complete.  There will be no further charges, regardless of how long it takes to complete the move or copy.

To move or copy a website from one hosting account to another can take anywhere from an hour to a day or more, depending upon the complexity and size of the site, and the capabilities of the hosting provider.

Once we agree on a plan of action, I will require login details for your hosting account(s).  If it’s a WordPress site, I’ll need the admin login details.  We will exchange these details in a secure fashion, and you can rest assured that these will be protected as per my Privacy Policy.

So if you need to copy or move a site, just contact me below:

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